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Time for a big makeover for jQuery MessageBox! Many new functionalities have been added, yet retaining the simple-as-it-gets philosophy that was the foundation of this plugin.
It still doesn’t feel bloated with loads of useless stuff you don’t really need from an alert plugin, but it exposes its new features using almost the same configuration options as before.

The major version change is mostly related to the breaking changes in the CSS: classes are now used instead of ids, because thanks to the brand-new queue option more than one MessageBox can be displayed at the same time.

What’s new in Version 2.0.0

  • Custom buttons: you can now completely customize the buttons, defining as many as you like.
  • Custom inputs: no more limitation to a single textbox! You can display multiple textboxes and/or selects.
  • New buttonsOrder option: that’s right sir, you can decide the order of the buttons.
  • New queue option: send a MessageBox to the queue or display it immediately.
  • CSS organization: all the required CSS is now provided by the Javascript code, leaving only the customizable classes in the external CSS file.

Breaking changes since versions 1.1

  • CSS classes instead of ids. Please note that this is absolutely NOT related to the foolish never use ids in your CSS guidelines that CSS linters give. Those are as dumb as they sound (W3C standards are available for everybody, no need to discuss it here). This change was a need since the introduction of the queue option.
  • Maybe some other little things (read: “since I was set to release a new major version I didn’t care about breaking changes at all).

A note about the new CSS model

Flexbox is now used extensively, the same way as in my other plugins (eg. LoadingOverlay or PopupWindow). It’s 2016 people, if you want to use browsers which doesn’t support flexbox, then why don’t you go back to Netscape Navigator 4.08?

Download and documentation

Go to the Lab page: MessageBox