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It’s been a long time since the last update to this library. In the meanwhile it has been gaining popularity and I have received a few requests as well.
A pretty easy one to implement was the possibility to extend the library to accomodate some custom requirements (ie. using an abstract filesystems like flysystem).

What’s new in Version 2.3.0

  • Protected method init()
  • Some minor code embellishments to better comply to PSR-2

Protected method init()

The new protected method init() allows the main ShapeFile class to be easily extended using a custom constructor.
You will find the documentation and an example in the brand new dedicated section Extending the Library.

Some minor code embellishments to better comply to PSR-2

I must confess I don’t fancy all 100% of the PSR recomendations, nonetheless I updated some coding style to be fully (I think…) PSR-2 compliant.
To me one-line if statements are practical, easy to read and concise, but hey, it’s not me who dictate the standard…

Download and documentation

Go to the Lab page: PHP ShapeFile