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I am sure all of you have seen (and probably used) jQuery UI Accordion.
It certainly does the job pretty well, but the behaviour isn’t quite what I wanted.

Add that I am definitely not a fan of jQuery UI and I try to avoid using it (especially when it’s a complete overkill), and you get my brand-new1 SlideToggler jQuery Plugin.

Like the name suggests, it turns a block element into a collapsible sliding panel with a title.
As usual it is fully CSS customizable, lightweight and it exposes events to help you write some good modern Javascript code.

1 Actually it isn’t brand-new at all! Like all my jQuery Plugins, I’ve written, tested, developed and used it in production for a few months or even years. The result is a fairly stable and mature 1.0 public release…

Download and documentation

Go to the Lab page: SlideToggler