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Input types… input types everywhere!
This release was driven by a kind pull request, which ultimately led to the inlcusion of some common <input> types that are widely supported by modern browsers by now.

What’s new in version 3.2.0

  • Input types "date", "time", "number", "color", "email"
  • Input htmlAttributes option

New input type "date", "time", "number", "color", "email"

In late 2019 it was about time to include those input types in the list. All major browsers offer a decent support for them and eventually they degrades gracefully to <input type="text"> if not supported.

New input htmlAttributes option

All those new input types offer different HTML attributes (e.g.: min and max for <input type="date">). Use this option to pass an object with specific attributes. See the documentation for details.

Download and documentation

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