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My jQuery LoadingOverlay plugin continues be the most popular release of mine. It gets downloaded and I recieve feedback messages and emails almost daily, wow!
Among those messages, I liked a couple of requests from a very nice user (Gianclaudio Oliveira) who also provided some sample code to demonstrate his idea. So I decided to include a new fade functionality and release the first extra: Progress.

What do you mean by extras

I wanted to accomodate a request that made sense, yet I didn’t think it was generalized enough to be included in the core code.
I always try to keep that fine line between features and functionalities. I know many users could get rather overwhelmed and frustrated by the complexity of some plugins (I am the first of them!), so I want to keep my code as simple and effective as possible.
Those extras are like plugins modules of LoadingOverlay (plugin-ception…?) that provide additional features.

What’s new in Version 1.2

Fade In and Fade Out

It seems almost silly I hadn’t thought about that before, because that was very easy and it gives a pleasant effect (it’s now enabled by default!). The new fade option gives the capability to set fade in and fade out durations. Of course you can disable it setting the option to either 0 or false.

Extra Progress

This extra provides basic progress bar loader functionality.
The idea is very similar to the one that led to the custom option: providing some feedback to the user while the LoadingOverlay is being shown.
In some cases, a kind of progress bar could fit this need very well. So instead of creating your own progress bar, you can use an instance of LoadingOverlayProgress.
The code is easily customizable for your specific taste, but you can use it right out-of-the-box since some customization options are available and should be enough for most cases (please refer to the documentation).

Download and documentation

Go to the Lab page: LoadingOverlay