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Since its public debut, my jQuery LoadingOverlay plugin has been the most appreciated release of mine.
I’ve received a few requests to add some features, and I decided to take some time and make a new year’s eve release.

What’s new in Version 1.1

Font Awesome support

Maybe someone doesn’t like the idea of a image (an animated gif in this case) used as loading indicator. Maybe those people want to use some scalable vectorial image and not limit them with the maximum size/resolution of a traditional image. And maybe those people have already included the Font Awesome library to their project. Well, with a brand new fontawesome option they will be able to use the icon they prefer.

Custom element support

A couple of people asked me if they could show some kind of countdown or feedback for the user while the LoadingOverlay is on. Since I wanted to keep this plugin as simple and straightforward as possible, I included the support for a custom element to be added, leaving to the user the freedom to do what they want with it.

Download and documentation

Go to the Lab page: LoadingOverlay