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Version 2 is finally here! It includes some tiny breaking changes, so it is a good idea to reference the 1.x branch in your existing projects instead of any latest alias if you are not planning to make any minor adjustment in your code.

What’s new in version 2.0.0

  • SVG images support
  • CSS3 animations support
  • 4 different built-in keyframes animations: rotate_right, rotate_left, fadein and pulse
  • Text element support
  • Progress element support (basically what Extra Progress was doing in v1)
  • New actions text and progress
  • color option is now named background
  • Default image is a modern, lightweight and customizable SVG instead of the old fashioned GIF
  • Default maxSize increased to 120px
  • Fixed size support (don’t fancy dynamic scaling? Here you go!)
  • Javascript sourcemaps
  • New folder structure, with source files under src/ and production files under dist/
  • A bunch of new options:
    • background, backgroundClass
    • imageAnimation, imageAutoResize, imageResizeFactor, imageColor, imageClass, imageOrder
    • fontawesomeAnimation, fontawesomeAutoResize, fontawesomeResizeFactor, fontawesomeColor, fontawesomeOrder
    • customAnimation, customAutoResize, customResizeFactor, customOrder
    • text, textAnimation, textAutoResize, textResizeFactor, textColor, textClass, textOrder
    • progress, progressAutoResize, progressResizeFactor, progressColor, progressClass, progressOrder, progressSpeed, progressMin, progressMax
    • direction

All these new options might seem overwhelming at first, but if you look closely you will see a clear and simple common pattern. They are as straightforward as possible, providing great flexibility yet witouth sacrificing the original idea of an easy plug-n-play plugin.
The code size has grown three times but performances have increased, taking full advantage of CSS3 animations (let’s put those graphic accelerator cards to good use!) and SVG images.

Breaking changes amd important notes on upgrading from v1

The single most important change is related to the color option which has been replaced by background, while imagePosition has been removed entirely.
These changes shouldn’t break many existing projects using LoadingOverlay, since most of them are likely to be using the default settings.

Wait, wait, wait… I see a v2.0.1 already

Yep, they see me releasin’, they hatin’… A couple of bugfixes were necessary for Chrome and Edge, read the details here.

Download and documentation

Go to the Lab page: LoadingOverlay