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Time for big (only formal, don’t you worry) changes with my versioning system!
I’ve decided to make my releases compliant with SemVer. Current version is 1.4.0 instead of just 1.4, not a big deal actually.
My bad I overlooked that with my first releases.


This subtle change in the versioning system has been made in order to use jsDelivr CDN. Further details will soon be available in the documentation.

Default loading.gif image is now embedded as Data URI

The original GIF image is still available in the repository, but it’s not used by default.
You can now use LoadingOverlay inlcuding a single file (ie. loadingoverlay.min.js) directly from the CDN.

New option imagePosition

A brand new imagePosition option is now available. Its value is passed directly to CSS background-position property, to allow a customized placement of the image.
This feature has been requested by an user who had a LoadingOverlay on an element overflowing the viewport.

Download and documentation

Go to the Lab page: LoadingOverlay